HPE StoreOnce 5500 Backup - Kabinett för lagringsenheter - 70 fack (SAS-2) - HDD 4 TB x 15 - kan monteras i rack - 7U

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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  • Federated Deduplication across the enterprise with a single Deduplication technology - StoreOnce
  • Industry-leading, scale-out architecture with greater resilience
  • Backup within your Window with the industry leading backup performance
  • Automated, efficient backup and disaster recovery operations with StoreOnce catalyst
HP StoreOnce Backup systems reduce the amount of backup data you need to store by up to 95%, so with the scale-out architecture you can pay-as-you-grow to retain up to 10 petabytes of data in a single pool. They provide automated backup and DR operations with all the features you'd expect from disk backup, and some you can only get from HP.

With HP's single StoreOnce deduplication technology, managing the movement of data across the enterprise has never been easier. Seamlessly integrating with your current backup applications, StoreOnce Backup provides flexible integration for both SAN and virtualized environments


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