Gigaset DA510 - Fast telefon - svart

Gigaset DA510 - Fast telefon - svart S30054-S6530-B101

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  • 10 direct call keys
  • Electronic key lock, press any key alarm
  • Call blocking
  • Call notification: 10 melodies and 4 volumes as well as ringer off and visual call notification more
  • Last number redial
  • Wall mountable
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Pulse dialing, tone dialing, flash time and emergency number adjustable
  • Mute key with melody
The electronic key lock prevents unauthorized dialing. Should you still wish a child for example to be able to call you while the phone is locked, simply program in a designated number and the any key alarm will let them contact you on that number. Two pre-programmed emergency numbers, 110 and 112 plus one of your choosing can be dialed at all times except when any key alarm is activated. Don't want calls to certain numbers to be made The call blocking feature allows you to block calls to certain numbers such as costly toll numbers. The Gigaset DA510 gives you a choice of 10 melodies and 4 volumes, so you are certain to find a combination you like. The visual call notification function ensures you won't miss calls even when the ringer is turned off. If you need a reliable, corded, desktop solution that lets you get in touch fast, then the Gigaset DA510 direct key phone is the one for you.


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