Extron Cable Cubby 1252 MS - Ytmonteringsbox för nätverk - svart

Extron Cable Cubby 1252 MS - Ytmonteringsbox för nätverk - svart 70-1273-01

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TillbehörskategoriManöverpaneler, uttag och komponenter
ProdukttypYtmonteringsbox för nätverk
  • Unique design virtually disappears into furniture surface
  • Bezel-free, height-adjustable enclosure accommodates any surface thickness for a flush installation
  • Integrated lid serves as a mounting base for wood, stone, or other surface-matching material
  • Allows cable pass-through when lid is closed
  • Lid damper ensures smooth, quiet operation

The Extron Cable Cubby 1252 MS is an elegant, surface-matching cable access enclosure for AV connectivity, control, and power. When the Cable Cubby lid is closed, it blends into the table surface and is virtually invisible. This makes it an ideal solution for conference tables, lecterns and other presentation furniture in high-end environments. The lid of the Cable Cubby enclosure serves as a mounting base for various thicknesses of wood, stone, or other finishing material. After precision cutting of the surface opening, the removed material can be attached to the lid. The unique lid and height-adjustable design let the enclosure sit completely flush with the surface. A cable pass-through slot allows cables to remain connected, even when the lid is closed.


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