Extron SMB 1 - Ytmonteringsbox för nätverk - vit

Extron SMB 1 - Ytmonteringsbox för nätverk - vit 70-1008-03

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TillbehörskategoriManöverpaneler, uttag och komponenter
ProdukttypYtmonteringsbox för nätverk
The SMB 1 Surface Mount Box is an elegant mounting option for Extron TLP Pro 320M and TLP Pro 520M Wall Mount TouchLink Pro Touchpanels and the TLC Pro 521M TouchLink Pro Controller. The SMB 1 is suitable for external mounting on lecterns, tabletops, and other flat surfaces including glass with an optional GMK 1 Glass Mount Kit. The sculpted design of the SMB 1 provides a contemporary look to complement any environment.


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